Life at Houso Aygi

Houso Aygi’s students live at our building in the Malatia-Sebastia district of Yerevan while studying at the capital’s universities and institutions.
In parallel with their studies, they take part in language workshops as well as seminars and trainings presented by professional women and men from both vocational and professional spheres as well as from local NGOs and international organizations.

Subject areas include:
- citizen rights and duties
- human rights and labour rights
- human trafficking
- time management, CV and interview preparation
- entrepreneurship and team work
- women's empowerment
- women’s health, personal and dental hygiene, maternity, sexually transmitted infections
- other social problems - ecology, initiative, intercultural communication, etc.

In addition, our students are encouraged to take part in various programs and projects organized by international organizations based in Armenia. They are encouraged to perform voluntary work in local and international NGOs in Yerevan.

Alumni Club

Houso Aygi’ Alumni Club was created with the purpose of maintaining contact with our graduated students and consolidating warm relations created during their time at Houso Aygi. Our alumni support our current students with career development, for example.